Sterling Silver and Copper will naturally tarnish over time due to exposure to our atmosphere.

Simply use a silver polishing cloth to buff up the silver and UNLACQUERED copper.

Please note, most of my copper pieces are coated in a fine layer of lacquer, but some are left to naturally tarnish with time as I feel this compliments the design.

Lacquer will wear away over a period of time, this depends on various factors such as skin type and chemicals used on the skin. If you would like your piece of Barking Hen Jewellery re-lacquered simply contact me.

Top Tips to Keeping your Barking Hen Jewellery looking Lovely........

  • Keep your jewellery in a box or bag, to prevent excessive exposure to the atmosphere.
  • Do Not spray your jewellery directly with perfume, hairspray etc.
  • Try not to touch your jewellery straight after applying hand cream or lotion.